AnyView IDS Version 6.00.6

18 April 2006

Download Description

This download is a complete install of the AnyView IDS product, with the following enhancements and bug fixes.

Web Application Enhancements

  • Fixed Search Page exception in non English cultures.
  • Correct handling of special characters such as '&' in parameterized Views and View Action parameters.
  • Fixed 'Not Equal' searches on Date columns.
  • Exclude SQL wildcard processing in 'Contains' searches.
  • Fixed Forms Authenticated Password Change functionality.
  • Fixed slow opening Options menu on grid Views, when View contains large amounts of data.

Console/Engine Enhancements

  • Fixed issue that caused View Restrictions, containing the StringList data type, to be non functional.
  • Added support for controlling the pagination behaviour of the Advanced Grid, using the View Creator wizard.

Installer Enhancements

  • Fixed non-default installation path issues.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Enhanced Search Fields used for Metadata search.
  • Corrected case sensitivity issue with using lookup to create Windows Logins in some Domains.
  • Solomon 6.x Metadata package Core and Customer facing.

Download Contents

The download file is a zip file, which includes an MSI Installation package and a Setup.exe for installing AnyView IDS.
Also included is a readme file, the Installation Guide, upgrade instructions in the Upgrade Guide, a changes spreadsheet, and a Packages folder.
The Packages folder contains AnyView IDS Solution Packages for Great Plains and additional Great Plains modules. These can be imported after defining a Company in the console that is based on a Great Plains Company Database.
For further information, see the "AnyView IDS Installation Guide" file accessible from the AnyView IDS Program menu.

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