Forms Printer Version 18.3.154 HF5a

14 January 2021

Download Description

This download is a complete install of the Forms Printer product for Dynamics GP 18.0 and GP MLP (18.x) This includes code for Forms Printer Base System, Forms Printer Plus, and Forms Printer for Project Accounting. The Modules are enabled by the Registration key(s) which are entered seperately.

This Build includes fixes for :

o Light conversion now performed when possible between Major Version Forms Printer upgrades

o Missing Attachment in Display Created e-mail

o The function cannot be performed because the message has been changed: ASIMail2.SafeMailItem_ASI: (need to manually change to ASINOPREMOVEOUTBOX=TRUE in for existing installs.

o Fix PO parameter error when using with GP 18.0 (PO Print Documents) - and Data Error with GP 18.2, 18.3
o Change back to Crystal.Net.12 dependency when ASIUSECRINET=TRUE  (from inadvertent .13 reference)
o Add SOP Picking ticket per site, and SOP MC document sample reports
o Add changes to Web client Batch/Range printing for SOP and PO to create one or Multiple files/Print jobs.
    ASIWebConsolodateToX  (Where X=Screen, Printer, File)  - Defaulting to TRUE for one file output when not delivering.

o add ASICREATEFOLDER option  (set to TRUE if you want export to always create full folder path during delivery)
o add ASIFP_OnlyNoEmailToFile flag to report properties, when set to true, uses export to file setup to send attachment for Emails with no Email address to a file. (instead of Drafts or printer/specific printer)


Download Contents

This zip file includes msi installation packages for installing Forms Printer. For most installations, the Forms Printer.msi file should be used to install Forms Printer. The Setup.msi (if present) can be used for installations which include multiple instances of Dynamics GP, such as a testing environment, as you will be prompted to select from available instances during install if using this msi file.

The install also contains documentation, in pdf format, that includes a What's New Guide, Installation Notes, a User Guide, and an Upgrade Guide.

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