INQUIRY for Dynamics SL, - Build 77- June  7,  2011

Download the Latest build of INQUIRY for Dynamics SL here: (approx 15 MB)

 An Activation  ID is required:   Contact in order to obtain one for your site. Dynamics SL 2011 build

Included Files

This zip file includes msi installation packages for installing INQUIRY for Dynamics SL.  Installation need only be performed on the Shared SL Server location  (Applications folder).  All other Clients can run from the Share with no additional Components.   (.Net Security may have to be used to enable running .Net Applications from a Share, using Caspol.exe)

Also included in the Zip file are the documentation files :   InstallationGuide.htm   Intro to INQUIRY.pdf   the INQUIRY Product Fact Sheet.pdf  and the online help file : sl_zi.chm


Build 77  June 7, 2011

    - First release linked to Dynamics SL 2011 Runtime for use with SL 2011  

Known issues:

             -xvr* company DB views must be deleted manually on upgrade, before running INQUIRY DB installer