Error: Files must be located in a UNC path.

22 December 2003

Issue Description

When mapping to a locally stored report in the Report Publishing Maintenance window, the following error is displayed:

Files must be located in a UNC path.

Whenever possible, it is recommended that Universal Naming Convention (UNC) paths be utilized for AnyView Report publishing. A UNC name will usually include a reference to a shared folder and file accessible over a network rather than a folder and file specified by a drive letter and path.

Typical UNC path to a report: \\MyWebServer\Reports\MyReport001.HTM
Typical local path to a report: C:\MyWebServer\Reports\MyReport001.HTM

However, demo machines, when used offline (not connected to a network), do not utilize Shared UNC paths predictably. Therefore, when implementing AnyView Report Publishing on a demo machine, it is recommended that you use local paths when setting up Reports and Report Folders.


To use local paths and files with AnyView Report Publishing, you will need to modify your Dexterity configuration file to allow for this. To do this:

  1. Open the DEX.INI file in notepad.
  2. Make a backup copy of the DEX.INI file.
  3. Add the line "ASILocalReports=TRUE" to the DEX.INI file.
  4. Save the DEX.INI file with the new setting.
  5. Launch Great Plains and open the Report Publishing Maintenance window.
  6. Map to the desired locally stored report.

For more information regarding UNC, Security and accessing files from IIS, please see the following references:

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