Error In Page: /Login Validate.asp Error Number: -2147221231

25 April 2003

Issue Description

While trying to log in to AnyView Browser, the following error is displayed:

Error in page
Page: /Login Validate.asp
Error Number: -2147221231
Error Description: 006~ASP 0177~Server.CreateObject Failed~ClassFactory cannot supply requested class
Additional Info: ASIWERDS.RunFavorite object creation error
AnyView Version: AnyView Build x.xx - date time

Typically, this error occurs after installing AnyView Browser without unloading the AnyView Web Application or rebooting the IIS server. The error can happen for two reasons:

Scenario #1

The ASIWERDS.dll version is incompatible with the AnyView Web page versions. (For example: The AnyView web pages have been upgraded to build 4.82, but the ASIWERDS.dll is still 4.64.)

Scenario #2

The Login Page was created using the AnyView Login Page Generator from a previous version of AnyView and was not recreated with the latest version.


Scenario #1

  1. Unload the Web Application. Show Me
    1. From the IIS machine, launch the Internet Services Manager.
    2. Navigate to the AnyView Web Application. (In a standard installation, this would be in the Default Web Site folder.)
    3. Right-click on AnyView and select 'Properties'.
    4. From the Virtual Directory tab, click 'Unload' then 'OK'.
  2. Reinstall AnyView Browser.

Scenario #2

Created login pages must be recreated after upgrading AnyView. To do this:

  1. Launch the AnyView Login Page Generator.
    In a standard installation, this would be located on the System Utilities palette.
  2. Specify the Web Folder Path where the AnyView web files are stored.
  3. Specify a Login Type.
  4. Pick a single company or all companies (this option allows you to create a separate login for each of your companies if you have multiple companies).
  5. Enter a Name for the new Login Page, or accept the default.
  6. Click 'Process' to generate the login page.

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