Error ...//{ServerName}/{WebApplicationName}/default.asp?Err= appears in the address bar...

8 April 2003

Issue Description

When an External User attempts to log in, the URL "http://{ServerName}/{WebApplicationName}/default.asp?Err=" appears in the address bar, but no error message is displayed in the page.

This occurs when the version of the AnyView web pages does not match with the version of the AnyView .dll files.


  • Often, rebooting the IIS server will finish the AnyView installation because it creates and registers the correct version of the AnyView dll files.
  • If after rebooting the server the error still occurs, *reinstall the AnyView Web Components on the IIS Server.
IMPORTANT NOTE - Prior to reinstalling the AnyView Web Components, you must unload the AnyView Web Application. If the AnyView web appplication is loaded duing the installation process, the IIS server must be rebooted in order to complete the installation.

*TIP - Use the AnyView DSN Setup window as a reference to the AnyView physical directory path. You will be prompted for this path during the installation process.

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