Error in Page Error Number: 0

22 December 2003

Issue Description

After selecting a Detail View Web Goto in AnyView Browser, the following error is displayed:

Error in Page
Page: /AnyView/GotoName.asp
Error Number: 0
Error Description:
Additional Info:
AnyView Version: AnyView Build x.xx - date time

A Detail View Web Goto uses Drill Arounds for each of the sections of the Detail View. The Detail View processing page expects the Drill Around used for the page header section to return only one row. If the parameters used and/or values passed cause the Drill Around to return more than one row, this is the resultant error.

To verify that this is the cause, attach the Drill Around used for the Detail View header section to the same object as the Detail View is attached, making sure to use the same parameters and columns mapped.

Execute the Drill Around in the browser using the same record they used when the detail view fails. If it does return multiple rows (or has the potential to do so), you have verified that this is the cause.


Either add sufficient parameters to the header section of the Detail View to return a unique record, or select a Drill Around for the header section of the Detail View that will return only one record at a time.

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