Error in Page Error Number: 3021

22 December 2003

Issue Description

After selecting a Detail View Web Goto in AnyView Browser, the following error is displayed:

Error In Page
Page: /Accountable/AnyView/Web Goto Name.asp
Error Number: 3021
Error Description: Either BOF or EOF is True, or the current record has been deleted. Requested operation requires a current record.
Additional Info: ADODB.Recordset
AnyView Version: AnyView uses Drill Arounds for each of the the sections of the Detail View. The Detail View processing page expects the Drill Around used for the page header section to return exactly one row.

If the parameters used and/or values passed cause the Drill Around to return either null values or the wrong data type, zero records are retuned to the header drill around. The ASP Code does a "get first" command on the recordset, causing the error.


  • Check the field in the database to see if it has any null records. If there are null records, you will need to choose another field as a parameter or populate that field with data.
  • Verify that the data type of the field in the database is the same as the datatype of the Web Goto parameter. If it isn't you will need to change the datatype either in the database or in the Web Goto so that they match.

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