Error retrieving company favorites - [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found...

8 April 2003

Issue Description

After attempting to log in to AnyView Browser, the following error message is displayed:

Error in Page
Page: /anyview/Main.asp
Error Number: 0
Error Description: Error retrieving company favorites - [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified
Additional Info: ASIWERDS.RunFavorite.GetFavorites method error
AnyView Version: AnyView Build 2.41a (5.00 28a)- 6/13/2001 10:39:00 AM

Scenario #1

One of the Company DSN's specified in the AnyView DSN Setup window is not valid on the IIS server.

Scenario #2

One of the DSN's is not accessible for the IUSR_MACHINENAME user that the IIS server runs as.


Scenario #1

  • Verify the validity of the Company DSN's.
    1. Open the anyview.ini file in notepad. In a standard installation, this would be in the AnyView Physical directory on the IIS server.
    2. For each company DSN there should be a line that resembles the following:
      COMPANYDSN=dsn_name1;ASI;Accountable Software, Inc.
      COMPANYDSN=dsn_name2;TWO;The World Online, Inc.

    NOTE - If any changes have been made to the Anyview.ini file - either by hand editing or from the AnyView DSN Setup window, you must unload the web application to ensure the latest values from the anyview.ini file are re-read.

Scenario #2

If the DSN(s) used by the AnyView.ini file are valid, it is likely that the Web Application user does not have access to the DSN(s). Due to a bug in the version 8.0 install of Crystal Reports, users other than an Administrator are denied access to DSNs created after the installation of Crystal Reports 8.0. This issue can be corrected by running the "Scr8_webregfix.exe" patch. This file can be found in either the AnyView physical directory or in a subfolder of the Dynamics/eEnterprise client folder named "Crystal 8 DSN Fix".

Further information on this issue, can be found in the "CrystalDSNFix.pdf" file in the "Crystal 8 DSN Fix" folder or in Crystal Decisions knowledge base articles c2007581 and c2007612 found on the Crystal Decisions support web site.

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