HTTP 500.100 - Internal Server Error Executing a Web Goto in AnyView

3 March 2003

Issue Description

When executing any Web Goto from within AnyView Browser, the following error is generated:

HTTP 500.100 - Internal Server Error - ASP error
Internet Information Services
Technical Information (for support personnel)
Error Type:
Active Server Pages, ASP 0126 (0x80004005)
The include file 'JavaPluginViewer.asp' was not found.
/AnyView/ASI_WebGoto.ASP, line 603
Browser Type:
Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.0; .NET CLR 1.0.3705)
GET/AnyView/ASI_WebGoto.ASP?LPG=/AnyView/userlogin.asp&GotoID=1&GotoType=1&S eg1=060&ICOID=SECC&OPS=10
Friday, November 15, 2002, 2:55:31 PM

In earlier versions (prior to 82), the AnyView install did not place the required Crystal Report Web Goto ASP pages in the AnyView physical directory if Crystal Reports was not found on the IIS server at the time of installation. These files are referenced by the main Web Goto page, and must therefore be in the AnyView physical directory.


To correct this error, choose the version of Crystal that you have or plan to use (If you are not using Crystal, you must still add the ASP pages from one of the Crystal files subfolders. (We recommend using the Crystal 9 files, becasue they are the latst version). Listed as a subfolder of the AnyView physical directory, are the folders Crystal 8 files, Crystal 8.5 files, and Crystal 9 files. Choose the correct Crystal version, and copy all files with the .ASP extension.

For Crystal 8.0, these are:

For Crystal 8.5 and Crystal 9.0, these are:

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