Maximum User Count Has Been Reached error logging into AnyView Browser

8 April 2003

Issue Description

When attempting to log in to AnyView Browser, the user is presented with the message:

Maximum User Count Has Been Reached.

This message is displayed when more than the maximum concurrent user limit has been reached. This concurrent user count is determined by the number of AnyView Browser users registered for that Great Plains install.

NOTE - If users fail to logout of AnyView Browser, their session will remain active until the Session Timeout period defined in the AnyView DSN Setup window has elapsed. The default timeout setting is 20 minutes.


Option 1:

Have users who have closed Internet Explorer or navigated to another URL without logging out of AnyView Browser wait until the Session Timeout has elapsed before attempting to log back in.

Option 2:

Remove inactive AnyView Browser users from the system.

  • To remove inactive users on a SQL Database Platform
    1. Launch SQL Enterprise Manager (in a standard installation, this would be in Start > Programs > Microsoft SQL Server > Enterprise Manager)
    2. Navigate to the Dynamics Database table ASIAV910
    3. Right-click on the ASIAV910 table and select the option Open Table > Return all Rows.
    4. Highlight the row for the inactive user, right-click, and select 'Delete'.
    5. When the message, "You are about to delete 1 row. Click Yes to permanently delete this row. You won't be able to Undo this change" displays, click 'Yes'.
  • To remove inactive users on a PSQL Database Platform
    1. Navigate to the directory chosen as the Temporary Folder Path in the AnyView DSN setup window.
    2. Open the ASIAV.mdb Access database.
    3. Open the ASIAV910 table and select the row for the inactive user.
    4. From the Edit menu, select 'Delete Record'.
    5. Save and exit the database.
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