The AnyView Web Application hangs without error requesting the login page.

8 April 2003

Issue Description

The AnyView web application hangs without error when attempting to launch a login page to AnyView Browser.

This problem can happen for two reasons:

Cause #1
The anti-virus software on the web server is blocking script access.

Cause #2
The scripting engine is malfunctioning. The global.asa is trying to read the anyview.ini file using the Windows Scripting Engine. This issue was reported on a Windows 2000 system with IIS 5.0, but may be applicable to other configurations.


Cause #1
Turn off the anti-virus software option to block script access on web server machine.

Cause #2
To verify that the scripting engine is causing the problem:

  1. Navigate to the AnyView Web Application directory on the web server.
  2. Find the file 'global.asa' and rename it.
  3. Unload the web application.
  4. In your Internet browser application, attempt to load the login page again.
  5. If the login page appears, this confirms that the diagnosis is accurate.
  6. Go back into your AnyView Web Application directory and change the file name back to 'global.asa'.
  7. Download and install the latest Windows Scripting Engine from Microsoft.

    To download the latest Windows Script version, browse to the Microsoft Products downloads page and select:

    • Product: Windows Script
    • Keywords: Windows Script
    Doing a general search for the Windows script product will ensure that you are displayed the most current version. Download the correct version for your operating system, and follow the installation steps provided.

At the time of this writing, the current version of the Windows Scripting Engine is version 5.6, and can be downloaded at:

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