AnyView Creator needs to be initialized by the system administrator or access has not been granted

4 April 2003

Issue Description

When logging into certain workstations, a dialog box appears even though the tables have already been initialized. The error message states:

AnyView Creator needs to be initialized by the system administrator or access has not been granted to the AnyView Creator tables. Would you like to proceed with the initialization now?

After choosing 'Yes', the tables are initialized. Then a second message states:

Initialization of AnyView Creator has been completed.

This message is typically generated because one or more workstations have a different version loaded than was used to initialize the tables. The workstation giving the error message is running a version lower than the version on the SQL server and the workstation(s) that log in successfully.


  1. Start by checking the AnyView version installed on the workstation that is not giving errors.

    You can check the version on the workstation as follows:

    1. Log in to Microsoft Great Plains.
    2. From The Application Menu bar, select Help > About Great Plains Dynamics (or eEnterprise).
    3. With the Help About window active, the menu item 'Extras' is displayed in the Application Menu bar.
    4. Choose 'Extras', then from the dropdown menu, select AnyView.
    5. This will open the Accountable Software Registration window for the selected product.
    6. Listed on this window is the Product Version.

    Our product versions are numbered with Major Version. Minor Version. Build Number. For example: The listed product version 6.00.01 would be major version 6, minor version 0 and build 01

  2. Install the version established on the operative workstation to all of the other workstations that utilize AnyView.

    You can check the version of the installation file as follows:

    1. From Windows Explorer, right-click on the installation executable file and select 'Properties'.
    2. Navigate to the 'Version' tab.
    3. Click on 'Product Version' in the 'Item name' field. The version number will display in the 'value' field.

The build number is indicated by the number after the decimal point. For example, if the value of Product Version is listed as 4.82a, it would indicate that the installation file is build 82a.

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