Composite fields are not available for column selection when building an object in AnyView Creator.

15 December 2004

Issue Description

When using AV Creator Wizard to build an object, certain fields are not included in the list of available columns in the 'Select Columns to Include' window.


The field is known to exist in the table.  This is confirmed when the table is looked up in the Great Plains 'Table Descriptions' window (Tools >> Resource Descriptions >> Tables).  The field type is described as being composite.


Due to their complexity, composite fields are not supported by AnyView Creator, with the exception of the 'Account Number' field.  If a table contains a composite field AnyView Creator will omit the field from any listing of available columns.


In order to include composite fields, the table must first be defined as an External Table.  Once the table is defined as an External Table each part of the composite field will be available for column selection by AnyView Creator.


  1. Using Great Plains, navigate to the AnyView External Tables tool.  In a standard installation, this window is accessible from: 'Tools >> Utilities >> System >>AnyView >> AV External Tables'.
  2. From the 'AnyView External Tables Setup' window select 'Add External Table' from the 'Action" pulldown menu and click 'Next>>'.
  3. In the 'Select Data Source' window enter the data source information for the table, typically selecting the 'Great Plains SQL Server' radio button for data source, and the 'Great Plains Company Database' radio button for database.  Click 'Next>>'.
  4. In the 'Add External Tables' window locate the table by physical name, select it and click on 'Insert'.  Click 'Next>>'.
  5. From the 'Select Columns' window select the columns you want to include and click 'Insert'.  Note that each part of a composite field is listed here as an individual field.
  6. Click 'Finish' to complete the table definition.


The external table will now be available for selection in AnyView Creator Wizard listed by its physical name and with group name 'External Table'.

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