Goto names appear as negative numbers

22 December 2003

Issue Description

In the AnyView Creator Wizard, when you select the lookup button on the Select Gotos window, the Goto Names are listed as negative numbers rather than text.

If you import a goto with the same name as existing goto but with different parameters, you will be asked if you want to replace the existing goto, if you choose 'YES', the existing goto will be replaced, but its code will be deleted. There is a bug in the replacement code that leaves some 'temporary' gotos in the table that show up with names such as '-9', -10, etc. that have the code in them. These 'temp' gotos have the code, but the original named gotos do not.


Delete the 'temp' gotos (the ones with negative number names). If you re-import and get the message, "Do you want to replace the goto?" you should answer 'NO' to prevent this from happening again. If you want to replace an existing Goto, you should first delete the goto you wish to replace prior to importing.

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