Some third party PSQL tables are missing when building an object in AnyView Creator.

11 March 2003

Issue Description

Scenario #1 - The third party application was installed, but the AnyView Utilities were not run.

Scenario #2 - The table does not have a unique key. Anyview, when running on a PSQL Database platform, cannot create objects that do not have a unique key.


Scenario #1

  • Run the AnyView Utilities tool to update the system.
    1. Using Great Plains, navigate to the AnyView Utilities Tool. In a standard installation, this window should be accessible from: 'Utilities >> System >> AV Utilities'.
    2. Start the AnyView Utilities by clicking 'Process'. When finished, all process counters will stop, and the 'Process' button will once again be enabled.

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    Note - When running AnyView Utilities, ALL 3rd Party Products used in Great Plains must be loaded on the workstation performing the Utilities process. The AnyView Utilities process can only build table and field information for loaded products.

Scenario #2

  • If you are the developer of the application which contains the table, consider adding a unique key to the table.
  • If the Object is intended to be used in AnyView Browser only, use the AnyView External Tables Wizard to import the third party table. This will allow all fields in the table to be displayed.
  • For details on how to use this wizard, see the External Tables tutorial at Accountable Software's Online AnyView Tutorials

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