The Version of AnyView (7.00.85) is Older than is already installed on the Server (7.05.85)

11 May 2004

Issue Description

Message: The version of AnyView that you are using (7.00.85) is older than the version that is already installed on the server(7.05.85).  AnyView will be disabled on this workstation until the correct version is installed.


This message is caused by installing the wrong version of AnyView on a workstation.

If you inadvertantly install an AnyView Build intended for Great Plains 7.50 on any Dynamics/eEnterprise Version 7.00 workstation on the network, and then log into that workstation.  The 7.50 code will record its version in the ASI00800 table in the DYNAMICS database on the SQL server. 

After this occurs, any attempts to log in by Dynamics/eEnterprise 7.00 Version workstations will result in a dialog with the message above.




In order to resolve this issue, you must identify which workstation(s) have had the incorrect version (7.50)  of AnyView installed.  You can look in the Great Plains Application folder for the AnyView (7.50) subfolder, and if it is present, then AnyView 7.50 was installed on that workstation.

After identifying the workstation(s) with the incorrect version installed, you must obtain and install the correct 7.00 version of AnyView for Dynamics/eEnterprise 7.00 on those workstations.  The Minor build number must match on all workstations (build 85 is the latest as of this writing)

After insuring all workstations have the correct version installed, then you may modify the Records in the ASI00800 table in the Dynamics Database on the SQL server to contain the correct Major and Minor  and Build numbers.

There is one record per company, per accountable product.  The records for Anyview have the Productid Column set to 2377

If you have installed non-identical build numbers on different workstations, this process will not correct any data that was corrupted.  It will only allow you to get past the dialog and keep AnyView enabled.

If ANY workstation is used that has an incorrect version installed, it will re-update the ASI00800 table, and you will resume receiving the message on all workstations.


NOTE:  There is no Version 7.05 of AnyView - The message is attempting to indicate that you have installed a 7.50 version,  the layout of this message is incorrect, due to the fact that Great Plains 7.50 version code was installed on a 7.00 Version Dynamics/eEnterprise System.




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