Warning Message: Your enhancement software from Accountable Software is not registered...

27 January 2003

Issue Description

When logging in to Great Plains, a message is displayed which states: "Your enhancement software from Accountable Software is not registered. You will only be allowed to use this product within the company The World On-line, Inc. Would you like to register your software now?"

This warning occurs when the AnyView user count has reached the number of registered AnyView Creator users or AnyView Creator is not registered.

If some users are able to log in without issue, and the warning only occurs as the Great Plains user count approaches the number of AnyView users, then the issue is most often invalid login records in the ASI_Current_Activity table (physical name: ASI00998). Invalid Activity records can exist for several reasons:

  1. A logged in user terminated the Great Plains Application abnormally, and did not log back in to Great Plains.
  2. Activity records were deleted using the Great Plains User Activity window from a workstation which does not have AnyView Creator installed.
  3. Activity records were manually removed from the Great Plains User Activity table. If the issue occurs during every login attempt, the issue is most likely invalid registration keys.


If this issue occurs sporadically, allowing some users to log on without issue, compare the records in the ASI_Current_Activity table against the Great Plains User Activity table (Physical Name: ACTIVITY) by following the steps listed below:

Open the 'ASI User Activity' window by adding it to the Shortcut bar:

  1. Using Great Plains, display the Shortcuts toolbar, click 'Add' and select 'Other Window'.
  2. From the 'Add Window Shortcut' window, expand the 'AnyView' folder in the Available Windows list.
  3. Expand the AnyView 'Company' folder.
  4. From the Available windows, select 'ASI User Activity'.
  5. Click 'Add' , then 'Done'.
  6. From the Shortcut bar, select 'ASI User Activity' to open the window.

Open the Great Plains User Activity window:

  1. From the Great Plains Menubar, select 'Setup > System'.
  2. From System palette, select 'User Activity'.

Any user records listed in the ASI User Activity window that are not listed in the Great Plains User Activity window are invalid login records.

To reset the user activity for invalid records listed in the ASI_Current_Activity window, log in to Great Plains as the invalid user. This will update the activity record. By exiting Great Plains normally, the user will be removed from the ASI_Current_Activity table.

This issue can be prevented by logging back into Great Plains using the same login used during any abnormal Application termination, and by ensuring that AnyView Creator is loaded on any workstation from which users are deleted using the Great Plains User Activity window.

If this issue occurs during every log in, verify that AnyView Creator has been registered properly.

Use the following method to open the Accountable Software Registration window. Listed on that window is the Installed version(s) of your Accountable product(s), as well as your registration keys and enabled modules.

  1. Log in to Microsoft Great Plains.
  2. From the Application Menu bar, select Help > About Great Plains Dynamics (or eEnterprise).
  3. With the 'About' window active, from the Application Menu bar you will see: 'File Edit Tools Setup Utilities Extras Shortcuts Windows Help'
  4. Choose 'Extras', then from the dropdown menu, select AnyView.
  5. This will open the Accountable Software Registration window.  Listed on this window is the Site Name, Product, Product Version, user count and registration keys.

Verify that the information displayed in the window is correct, including the registration keys, and that the product checkbox is marked, indicating that the product is registered.

If you have any questions regarding registration of your Accountable product, please contact our registration team at:
Email: Accountable Software Registration Team
Phone: 484.875.0600
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