AnyView Error: Error! - Login Failed. (Windows Authentication for Console Application)

22 February 2007

Issue Description

AnyView Error:  Error! - Login Failed.  (Windows Authentication for Console Application)


Full Error:

AccountableSoftwareInc.AnyView.Interfaces.AnyViewLoginFailedException: Login Failed.
   at AccountableSoftwareInc.AnyView.SQLConsoleSession._Login(IDbConnection& iconn, Boolean isDeserializing)
   at AccountableSoftwareInc.AnyView.SQLConsoleSession._Login(IDbConnection& iConn)
   at AccountableSoftwareInc.AnyView.Session.Login(IDbConnection& iConn)
   at AccountableSoftwareInc.AnyView.Console.frmMain.Form1_Load(Object sender, EventArgs e)


The error shows That your AnyView IDS Console is set up for Windows Authentication for the Application Authentication method, but your current Windows user is either  not entered in the Console Users, or is not marked as Console Administrator, which allows them to get into the console.

You should log in on the original console and make sure your windows user is in the Console Logins list, and that the "Console Administrator" checkbox is checked:

The Application Authentication method, and other Console Setup information is stored in the AnyViewAdmin.config file in the console folder, you may delete or temporarily rename this file if you wish to be re-presented with the chance to select connection and authentication information for the AnyView IDS Console.

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