AnyView IDS on Windows Server 2003 / IIS 6.0 with Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) (404 NOT FOUND)

8 September 2004

Issue Description

When you install Web Applications on a Windows 2003 Server that has IIS 6.0 with Windows Sharepoint Services installed, other Web applications cannot be accessed.

You may receive an Error:


In the Web Browser when you attempt to access the  URL of a Virtual Directory (such as http://machinename/AnyViewIDS )





If Windows SharePoint Services is installed on the Default Web Site, It will 'Take over' all URL's directed to the Default Web Site (EX: http://machinename/AnyView )

If you Desire to have the AnyView URL on a web site that is managed by SharePoint, you will have to use the "Exclude managed paths" functionality of the SharePoint Services Administration tool -

From the Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 Administration guide: (highly recommended - )


Many organizations installing Windows SharePoint Services already have a Web server or server farm in use, and must be able to identify areas of the existing URL namespace that should not be managed by Windows SharePoint Services. For example, if you have a Web application on your Web server already, and you install Windows SharePoint Services, you need a way to tell Windows SharePoint Services not to attempt to control content in or settings for that path.


Rough Notes about Excluding a Managed Path for Windows Sharepoint Services:

  • Start -> Administrative tools -> Sharepoint Central Administration
  • Configure Virual Server Settings -> Default Web Site
  • Virtual Server management section:
  • Define Managed Paths
  • Add a new path
  • enter "/AnyviewIDS" - Type = Excluded path
  • Click OK.


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