Error logging in to AnyView IDS Console - Invalid Login.

10 August 2005

Issue Description

When launching a forms authenticated AnyView IDS Console one is presented with the "AnyView IDS Console Login" window.  After entering a login and password in this window the following error is generated:


AnyView IDS - Invalid Login. 

This error occurs when the 'Login' and/or 'Password' entered are not correct and do not match the login and password created in the Security > Logins section of the AnyView IDS Console.


In order to access the AnyView IDS Console a valid login/password combination must be entered.  There is no 'backdoor' procedure to allow access, and no reset password function controlled by Accountable Software.


The following steps may help resolve this issue:


1)      Try re-entering your login and password information.

Note: While the login is not case sensitive, the password IS case sensitive.


If you are still presented with the "Invalid Login" message then:


2)      Have another AnyView IDS Console User launch and access the console. 

a.       Within the console navigate to the Security > Logins section from the navigation pane.

b.       From the results pane, select and right click on your login and select "Modify Login" to open the Login Properties window.

c.       From the "General" tab of the Login Properties window make note of your login and re-enter your password.

d.       Click "OK"

e.       Close the console and relaunch, entering your login and password.


If there are no other AnyView IDS Console users, i.e. if the login that is generating the invalid login message is the only AnyView IDS login created then the following steps can be used to regain access to the console.


Note: These steps are meant to be used only as a last resort.  Please be aware that following these steps may result in the loss of content created with AnyView IDS.


3)      The first step is to verify that there is indeed only one login created for AnyView IDS.  To do so from Enterprise Manager:

a.       Navigate to the AnyView IDS database, select the "Users" table.

b.       Right-click on the "Users" table and select Open Table > Return all rows.

c.       Verify that there is only one record in this table.

d.       Verify that the "Login" matches the login you have been entering, and retry logging in to the console.


If you are still unable to log into the AnyView IDS Console:


e.       Edit the record in the "Users" table by changing the value in column "ConsoleAdmin" from "1" to "0".


With no Console Administrators in the "Users" table, you will now be able to launch the AnyView IDS Console, and you will not be prompted for a login/password combination.


f.        In the AnyView IDS Console, you will need to modify your login in the Login Properties window (Security > Logins section, right-click on a login and select modify). 

g.      Reenter and make note of the password in the "General" tab of the Login Properties window.

h.       Click on "Console Administrator" in the "Console Security" tab of the Login Properties Window, and click "OK"


The next time you launch the AnyView IDS Console you will be prompted to enter your login and password.


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