Invalid License: Could not find stored procedure 'av_license_get'.

8 June 2005

Issue Description

Invalid License: Could not find stored procedure 'av_license_get'


This message is generated when trying to launch the AnyView IDS Console.  It is followed by the "AnyView IDS Activation" window.


The error message indicates that the stored procedure 'av_license_get' is not accessible in the database you have specified in the "AnyView Console Configuration" window during the Console install.  In a typical installation, the AnyView IDS database name is "AnyViewIDS", but this name could have been changed during the database installation.


To resolve you must enter the correct database name in the "AnyView Console Configuration" window.


To access the "AnyView Console Configuration" window:


1)  Navigate to the AnyView IDS application folder and open the Console folder.  In a typical installation the path is:


C:\Program Files\Accountable Software Inc\AnyView IDS\Console


2)      Within the Console folder locate the console configuration file 'AnyViewAdmin.config'.


3)      Rename the 'AnyViewAdmin.config' to 'AnyViewAdmin.config.old'


4)      The "AnyView Console Configuration" window will open when you next launch the AnyView IDS Console.


5)      Enter the required information, and be sure to specify a correctly initialized AnyView database in the "Database Name" field.

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