Invalid Master/Detail Join. A child row has multiple parents

6 August 2005

Issue Description

While attempting to preview an object in the AnyView IDS Console the following message is presented:


Invalid Master/Detail Join.  A child row has multiple parents


This error indicates that the join type that was selected in the "Join Components" tab of the "Object Maintenance" window is creating a relationship that cannot validly be displayed in a hierarchical (parent/child) fashion.



This error can be corrected from the "Join Components" tab by selecting one of the two available 'Flat' join menu options.  To do so:


1)      From the "Object Maintenance" window in the AnyView IDS Console, select the "Join Components" tab.

2)      Right-click on  the join line between the components and select either:


Flat Object Equal Join




Flat Object Left Outer Join


3)      Click on the "Preview" tab to see the object displayed.


Note: If you are joining more than two components, you may need to change several of your join types to be 'flat' joins.


For further information please refer to the "Understanding Hierarchy" document installed to the Windows start menu:


Start > Programs > Accountable Software, Inc > Documentation > Understanding Hierarchy.

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