AnyView IDS Version 7 Upgrade Guide

29 July 2010

Important Notes

Upgrading to AnyView IDS requires a new license. You must contact Accountable Software for a version 7 license in order to upgrade.

Also note that this upgrade will upgrade your Metadata to version 7. It is important that you back up your ‘AnyViewIDS’ System database prior to installing version 7.

Note too that any customizations made to the AnyView IDS web application pages including modifying code or appearance will not be upgraded. You will need to redo these modifications with the version 7 pages. Both customization of the site appearance and modification of code have been made simpler in version 7 so please contact our support team for help in redoing these changes.


This document describes the steps necessary to upgrade all previous versions of AnyView IDS to AnyView IDS Version 7. There is no need to install any intermediate versions. The version 7 install will upgrade your AnyView IDS regardless of your prior version.

Note: When AnyView IDS Version 7 is installed a new program group titled "Accountable Software" is created. Versions of AnyView IDS earlier than 6 were installed to a program group titled "Accountable Software Inc".


In order to complete the version 7 installation, follow these steps:
  1. Install IDS Elements on the Web Server - Run the "AnyViewIDSInstall.msi" or Setup.exe file And select the appropriate options checkboxes, in order  to:
  2. Merge Web Application Changes, if code or style customizations were made.

Database Upgrade

In order to upgrade your AnyView IDS System database you should:
  1. Make a backup of your AnyView IDS Database.
  2. Follow the Installation Guide for installation steps. (F1 key from the Database Setup Wizard)
    Note: When entering the database name in the Database Setup wizard be sure to enter the name of a restored copy of your backed up existing AnyView IDS System database.  (example named:  AnyViewIDSV7)  Once you do, the Setup Wizard will detect that you  are upgrading from an earlier version and make any changes needed to update that copy of the database to version 7 .  By leaving the original AnyViewIDS (v6) database untouched,  AnyViewIDS v6 version will continue to function while you are preparing to use the new/upgraded AnyView IDS V7 Site/database.
  3. When Starting the Database Setup Wizard,  you should  enter the Activation ID for AnyView IDS V7, and after the database upgrade, and before Exiting  the Database Setup Wizard,  press the "Get License" button to obtain a license based on the activation ID, and the current SQL Server instance name.
    When upgrading, your AnyView IDS installation , you need the new version  AnyViewIDS Activation ID  / License.  This Activation ID can be used during the Database Update/install, If web access is available,  or if needed, can be done  later upon first login to AnyView IDS Console, by either using the AnyViewIDS Activation key if Web Access is available or by importing an .xml "license file"  obtained by following the directions given on the last tab, licensing screen of the Database installer upon a failed attempt to Activate over the web.  This method is for systems that do not have direct web access to the Accountable Software License server.

Web Application Upgrade

To upgrade your AnyView IDS Web Application you should:
  1. Follow the Installation Guide for installation steps.  (F1 key from the Web Application  Setup Wizard)
    Note: When entering the Web Application name in the Web Application Setup wizard be sure to enter a name that is different than the existing AnyView IDS Web Application.  Change the Application name to AnyViewIDSV7 for example, so that the Setup Wizard will install the version 7 web application using the new web app name so that the New V7 web site and old V6 Web site can both be accessed, until you decide to retire the V6 site, and then you can either re-run the Web Application Setup Wizard, or use IIS directly, to point the existing "AnyViewIDS"  URL to the new V7  physical Web Application folder (typically:  C:\Program Files\Accountable Software\AnyView IDS 7.0.0.xx\Web Application)
    The installation of the AnyView IDS Web Application always creates a new physical file directory for the Web Application version. This ensures that your previous version changes are never overwritten during the install.
  2. Review the Merge Web Application Changes section below.

Console Upgrade

To Install and configure the new version of the  AnyView IDS Console(s) you should:
  1. Follow the Installation Guide for installation steps.
  2. Launch the Console and enter configuration information (or copy the AnyViewAdmin.config file from your previous version's Console directory).
  3. Repeat the Console install on any workstation on which you installed the previous version of the Console.

Merge Web Application Changes

When you install the version 7 Web Application, any changes that you may have made to your previous version are not included in the new version. This occurs because the physical directory for the web application is different per version. To include your changes in the new web application, you must:
  1. Copy any custom ".xsl" files you have created for styling XML Views to the new directory.
  2. Copy the Custom Links.xml" page (if previously modified) to the new directory.
  3. Any custom changes made to code pages in your previous version must be redone in version 7 pages.
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