What's New In AnyView IDS Version 7

29 July 2010

Many new and important features have been added to AnyView IDS in version 7.

Version 7 focuses on providing more powerful tools to all users of the AnyView IDS system. Allowing access to parameterized stored procedures and manually entered SQL Statements opens up a world of possibilities for the advanced user while functionality such as Charting and the many Web Application improvements allow for a richer, more user friendly experience to those less technical. Viewer changes including a full Property Window and Query Editor afford all users the opportunity to make the most of their data access.

New features of version 7 include:

User Defined Tables

The User Defined Tables feature allows you to create AnyView IDS Components based on Stored Procedures and manually entered SQL Statements.
Stored Procedures offer the programming flow and parameterized query execution while manually entered SQL Statements allow for faster Component build and eliminate the need to create SQL Views for more complex Queries.

Multi-Company Reporting

Integrated throughout the Web App and the Viewer interface, multiple company options allow a single Query to be easily executed in a variety of companies based on user security, prompted options, or manual selection.

A New View / Viewer Model

In IDS version 7 the Component / Object / View model has been modified to include a new layer, the Viewer.
In previous version of AnyView IDS, the View was the presentation layer for the Object and was used to determine display, Column inclusion, Restricitions, Security, naming and properties. As IDS evolved the need for a securable layer which did not have a display but could include all of the other important features of the View became important. This evolution came about because of the inclusion of features such as the Excel-Add In, the SQL Reporting Services Data Extension and the AnyView IDS SDK, each of which provides a presentation layer and did not use the presentation layer of the IDS version 6 View.
This new model now allows users who access AnyView IDS through the Excel Add In, the SSRS Data Extension, or the SDK to access the View directly without the need to define a presentation layer. Users who access AnyView IDS through the Web Application or Web Parts will do so through the Viewer, the version 7 presentation layer. The advantages to Web App and Web Part access to Viewers are that a View can have multiple Viewers from the same View including all of the new Viewers listed below.

New Viewers

New Viewers in version 7 include:
  • Chart: A Chart Viewer with run time design capabilities allowing the end user to design or modify their own charts.
  • Card: A predefined Card Viewer easily assignable to a View for columnar layout of data.
  • List: A simple column and row layout of data without the complexity of the Advanced grid.
  • Custom: A Viewer which allows the inclusion of a variety of more complex data display created by developers.

Viewer Query Editor

The Query Editor in the Viewer allows users to have greater control of the Query including summarized queries, "column metrics" such as access to columns of Year, Month, Quarter, week and so on for a date field or Count, Sum, Min, Max etc. for a Numeric or Currency column. A fully featured criteria window in the Query Editor allows for easy column restrictions while also including complex functionality including nested parenthetical restrictions.

New Web Interface

The AnyView IDS web Application has been updated to include support for the latest web functionality and usability.

New features include:
  • Live Pick Lists / Lookups: In parameters and search entry fields, type the letter(s) you know and the a pick list of actual values from the field is presented and continues to be restricted as more letters are typed.
  • Date Pickers: When entering Dates for parameters or restrictions, date pickers are now displayed for easier entry.
  • Themes: An easier way to change the look of the Web Application with a single property change.
  • Bread Crumbs: Familiar navigation in the web app allowing the user to follow their progression through Viewer selections and back track through folders and sub folders.
  • Multi Company options: Presents choices allowing users to view single or multiple company views from the web application.
  • Aggregate Queries: Allows the end user to create summary queries and summary restrictions at runtime.
  • Print Feature: Allows the Advanced Grid to be printed as simple text including all of the rows from the data hierarchy.
  • Row Context Grid Filter: Filter data by selecting the row and column which has data you want in your filter, then apply that restriction from a menu choice.

Support For the .NET Framework 2.0

Incorporating the improvements of the .NET Framework 2.0 allows AnyView IDS version 7 to increase performance and include modern web 2.0 functionality.

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