Error: You do not have proper access rights for this screen.

23 December 2003

Issue Description

When attempting to launch Explorer from the Solomon IV menu, the error message, "You do not have proper access rights for this screen." is generated.

This typically indicates that the user has not been granted access rights to EX10000 screen in the Solomon IV Access Rights Maintenance screen.


  1. Open the Access Rights Maintenance screen. (In a standard installation, this window can be accessed from the Solomon toolbar by selecting 'Utility', 'Access Rights'.)
  2. Select either User or Group from the Type drop-down list.
  3. Type (or hit the F3 key and choose) the user ID or group ID in the Group/User ID field. The name of the user or group displays automatically in Name.
  4. Type (or hit the F3 key and choose) the company ID of the company you want the user or group to be able to view in Company ID field. Select 'All Companies' to apply the access rights to all companies in Solomon. If 'All Companies' is selected, [ALL] appears in Company ID.
  5. Type EX1000 in the Screen/Report Number.
    If a screen or report number appears on this list, the user or group can access the corresponding screen or report.
  6. Specify the access rights you wish to give the user or group.
    Access Rights options are as follows:
    • View - User or group can view data
    • Update - User or group can modify data
    • Insert - User or group can add data
    • Delete - User or group can delete data or records
    • Initialization Mode - User or group can use initialize mode (typically reserved for System Administrators)
  7. Save and close the Access Rights Maintenance Screen.

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