Error Exporting File. Error: Failed to export the report Error Number: -2147190908

3 January 2003

Issue Description

When clicking on the Deliver button for a Forms Printer report, the error message "Error Exporting File. Error: Failed to export the report. Error Number: -2147190908" occurs.

This occurs when older versions of some Crystal files are installed on the workstation.


Patches for some of the Crystal DLLs need to be applied.

These files are available from the Crystal Decisions technical support web site at:

The patches that should be applied are:
For Crystal Reports 8.5 Only -,
For Crystal Reports 8.0 and 8.5 -
For Crystal Reports 9.0 Only -,

**IMPORTANT NOTE** When downloading, please read all disclaimers carefully. If you have any questions regarding the installation of these patches, please contact Crystal Decisions Technical Support.

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