Error detected by Database DLL

6 January 2003

Issue Description

When previewing or printing reports with Forms Printer, the message "Error detected by Database Dll" is received.


This message is a generic error generated by Crystal Reports. It occurs most often as a result of incorrectly generated DDFs (when using Pervasive.SQL), from issues resulting from tables incorrectly added to the Forms Printer sample reports, or invalid table or field definitions on the report.

To troubleshoot Forms Printer, the first step is to verify the correct installation and setup of Forms Printer and your DSN's. Testing setup can be done by mapping a report format in Forms Printer Setup to an unmodified Sample report.

Once that has been done, print that document format. If it prints successfully, then Forms Printer and the DSN have been setup correctly, and the problem resides in the modified report. To troubleshoot a modified report, open it with Crystal Reports, and run the report. Typically, a more meaningful error will be generated from within Crystal.

If the sample report generates the same error, the issue is most likely in the DSN Setup. If the sample reports generates the same error, follow the steps in the Forms Printer documentation for generating DDFs.

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