Error in ASI_Send_Mail_With_Outlook. Error: Object required Error Number: 424 (GP10)

19 September 2008

Issue Description

This Article describes a case seen where a workstation using Forms Printer for GP10 to deliver batches of documents via Outlook, suddenly stopped working.

Where previously, the entire batch was processed without error, A delivery of a batch now fails after the first document with an error message:

Error in ASI_Send_Mail_With_Outlook. Error: Object required Error Number: 424

This Article describes the case where the first document is delivered to Outlook's Drafts, or Sent Items folder, and then this message appears.   If the document is never found at all in Outlook, then the issue is not the one described in this article,   But instead, is due to a basic communication problem with the Outlook installation.

In the case described in this article, where the first document is delivered, and then the error dialog appears and delivery terminates:  Follow the debugging steps below, for Forms Printer for GP10 build 34 and greater only.  For earlier versions of Forms Printer, contact



The issue that we have seen that causes this error, is that the local Installation of Outlook has become corrupted in its ability to talk to the Exchange Server regarding "Syncing" the sending  mailbox.

In order to see if this or some other error is occurring,  do the following:

Add the following line to the GP Data\Dex.ini file:


Then re-log into GP and attempt to duplicate the issue with a small batch.

Instead of seeing the earlier error, you now may see a different error:

In one case we found the error:

"Outlook failed to get the Sync Objects. This is probably because Outlook is not properly configured for offline mode."


This is the fundamental cause of the Delivery stopping after 1 document, and is a problem with the Outlook configuration on the machine in question.

Accountable Software does not support the Outlook application or its configuration, but we note that "Googleing" this error resulted in the suggestion that an .SRS configuration file of Outlook was corrupt, and should be deleted while exited from Outlook.   This action rectified the issue in the case we have seen with the above error.

If you get a different error, when this ASIDEBUGVBSCRIPT_SHOWERRORS=1 Dex.ini setting is active,   please contact

After debugging, you may remove the Dex.ini setting, or may choose to leave it in for more detailed error messages during email delivery, if issues should re-occur. 

This Dex.ini  Setting is only valid for Forms Printer for GP10 Build 34 and greater builds of Forms Printer for GP10.




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