Error in File [path to Crystal Report] Failed to create the Crystal Query Engine.

30 December 2003

Issue Description

After upgrading to Great Plains to version 7.5 and installing both WennSoft and Forms Printer 7.5 for Crystal Reports 8.5, Forms Printer prints fine to the printer, but when attempting to print to the screen the following error messages are generated:

Error in File: path to Crystal Report Failed to create the Crystal Query Engine.

When 'OK' is selected the following error message appears:

Invalid Job Number

The reason for these error messages is a conflict between the WennSoft's products and Forms Printer for Crystal Reports 8.5. WennSoft's software products for Great Plains 7.5 utilize Crystal Report's 9.0 version of the Dynamic Link Library (.dll) files. After WennSoft products are installed on Great Plains version 7.5, Forms Printer version 7.5 for Crystal Reports 9.0 must be used.


If Forms Printer for Crystal 8.5 has already been installed on the workstation, you should first either:

  • Un-install Forms Printer
  • Rename the folder containing the sample reports (folder "{drive:\GP Client folder}\Generic Forms Printer Reports X.00").

Performing this step before installing Forms Printer for Crystal 9 will ensure that the correct Crystal 9.0 Format sample reports are installed.

Once you upgrade to Crystal 9, you must upgrade all Crystal 8.5 reports you are using with Forms Printer to Crystal 9 AND you must install Forms Printer 7.5 for CR 9 on all workstations.

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