Forms Printer does not sort documents in the order specified in the 'Sort Documents By' field.

29 December 2004

Issue Description

When using Forms Printer to print ranges of documents, documents are not sorted according to the Great Plains 'Sort Documents By' field.


The sorting performed by the Great Plains 'Sort Documents By' selection in the print options windows has no effect on the Crystal Reports printed by Forms Printer.


The order in which Crystal Reports are sorted is determined within the reports themselves.  The order in which a report is printed can be changed, however please note that the new sort will always be applied when this report is printed, regardless of any Great Plains sort settings.


The following steps describe how to create a sort in Crystal Reports by inserting a group (field to be sorted by) and ranking it so as to make it the primary sort criteria.  For illustration purposes this example uses the Forms Printer 'Sample SOP Document - Unposted' report, modified to be sorted by Customer Number.  However the same general procedure applies to any other Crystal Report.


To modify the 'Sample SOP Document - Unposted' report so that it is sorted by Customer Number:


1. Open the report, e.g. Sample SOP Document - Unposted(SQL).rpt in Crystal Reports.


2. From the Crystal Reports menu bar, select 'Insert > Group'.


3. From the 'Insert Group' window 'Common' tab, select the field you want the data grouped by from the top drop-down list. In this example select SOP10100.CUSTNMBR.


4. From the 'Insert Group' window 'Common' tab, select the sort direction from the second drop-down list.  Leave the other settings as they are and click 'OK'.


A new group will have been added to the report just above the 'Details' section. On the Sample SOP Document - Unposted report, the new group is Group #5.  So as to have all records sort by this new group first, this group must be moved so that it is the top group controlling the report.


5. On the report 'Design' margin (gray area on the left that displays all section names), click and hold the new group header, 'Group Header #5' in this example, and drag it up till it is just above 'Group Header #1' and then release it.


Verify that 'Group Header #1' is now the field you want to sort by.  To do this pause your mouse over 'Group Header #1'.  In this example, the Section Tooltip will show SOP10100.CUSTNMBR for Group Header #1.


The final step is to suppress the Group #1 Header and Footer sections since we are only using them to provide the order for the records in the report and we do not want the group name to appear on the report.


6. Right-click on 'Group Header #1' in the report 'Design' margin on the left and select 'Suppress (No Drill-Down)'.


7. Right-click on 'Group Footer #1' in the report 'Design' margin on the left and select 'Suppress (No Drill-Down)'.


The sections for the new Group will not display on the report, but they will force the report to display the records ordered by the new Group first.  In this example by Customer Number first, then by SOP Type and then by SOP Number


8. Save and test the report by mapping to it in 'Forms Printer Setup' and then printing a range of documents.  The records will now be displayed in Customer Number order.
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