Initialization of Forms Printer fails to complete successfully, or does not occur for company DB

3 January 2003

Issue Description

After logging in as "sa" or as an owner of the database, the message "The Initialization for Forms Printer Destination Series was not able to complete successfully. Make sure that you have logged into Dynamics as the owner of the databases." is generated.

This issue occurs when the initialization process is not able to create all tables and / or stored procedures required.

If the initialization process is failing, the general procedure would be to drop the ASI123* or ASI258* tables and ZDP stored procedures that were causing the failure, but one must be careful not to drop any tables that contain setup data that you do not wish to lose.

If the Initialization process is not starting for a particular company:

Usually this would occur after a restore of an earlier not-initialized version of the Company Database this is due to the ASI00800 table contents, which will have already marked the company database as the particular build version.

One can force the initialization for a particular company by taking the following steps:

Modify the dex.ini or data\Dex.ini file(GP10)  line so it says "ASIFPINITIAL=TRUE"  (in the [General] section of the dex.ini (make sure there are not multiple ASIFPINITIAL= entries..)

Then  , you should get a dialog  when you next log in to the company in question  as 'sa', and when you answer YES to the upgrade/initialized dialog(s)  it should create the ASI123** ,ASI258** tables and Zdp stored procedures,  in the company database of the new company you log into.

If you need to re-initialize multiple companies, reset the Dex.ini setting to TRUE for each company, and restart GP and log in to each company as 'sa', and confirm the dialogs.




If this error occurs, and the technical notes above do not allow you to correct the issue,  contact the Accountable Software Technical Support Team so that we can provide the required steps to correct the issue.  Possibly using a script to drop tables, or SQL profiler to determine why the initialization is failing.

Phone: 484-875-0600 press 3

Email: Accountable Software Technical Support Team

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