Preview window memory issue on Citrix and Terminal Server.

3 January 2003

Issue Description

When previewing a report with Forms Printer, the system resources CPU Usage increases to 99%.

This issue occurs because while the Crystal preview window is open, Forms Printer continually checks the window's status. This ensures that two reports cannot be previewed at once, which mimics the Great Plains Report Writer functionality.


This checking process can be disabled, which will dramatically change the CPU utilization.

** IMPORTANT NOTE ** Once this checking process is disabled, users will be able to open multiple preview windows when previewing reports with Forms Printer. Leaving multiple windows open can affect resources as well, and users should be advised to close preview windows when they are finished with them.

The checking process can be disabled by changing the Dex.ini file in the Great Plains client folder. Listed in the Dex.ini file is an entry for ASIFPPreviewModal. By Default, this is set to TRUE.

If this entry is changed to ASIFPPreviewModal=FALSE the checking process is disabled. For details on editing the Dex.ini file, please refer to the section "Dex.ini file: editing" in Great Plains help.

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