Printing Barcodes and MICR Checks with Crystal Reports

3 January 2003

Issue Description

Displaying specific fields as Barcodes or MICR on a Crystal Report.


Crystal Reports can include barcoded fields, and these are supported by Forms Printer. In order to print barcodes, you must have an installed windows Barcode font such as a 3 of 9 Barcode font.

Installable windows Barcode and MICR fonts are available from the following Web Sites**:

**Please note that these sites are provided as examples, and that Accountable Software does not support, promote or endorse any of the listed Organizations, their products or Web Sites. Once a barcode font is installed, a calculated field can be created in the Crystal Report using the StringToCode39, for example: StringToCode39 ({SOP10200.ITEMNMBR}) or other formulas.

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