The version of Forms Printer that you are using is incompatible with your Microsoft Dynamics GP

19 May 2008

Issue Description

In some cases, if the Forms Printer for GP9 Dictionarys are left in the GP Application folder after upgrading to GP10, the FP1000.cnk file will not merge in and update them to GP10 versions, resulting in a message dialog similar to : 


"The version of Forms Printer that you are using (9.00.28) is incompatible with your Microsoft Dynamics GP version (10.00.0991). Forms Printer will be disabled on this workstation until the correct version is installed."




Tech note: Details for insuring .DIC files are upgraded to new versions (Forms Printer Dictionary files, AS1655.DIC and FPD1230.DIC)


From the error message, we can see that the .DIC files in the GP folder were not correctly upgraded to the GP10 versions, we have seen this happen when the GP10 install is installed directly over the GP9 or earlier install.   You should be able to rectify it with the information below.  And avoid it on other workstations, by deleting the FPD1230.DIC and ASI1655.DIC files on any other workstation before running the Forms Printer for GP10 installer.




In order to resolve this, It is recommended  that you delete these 2  .DIC  files before re- installing the new GP10 version  .cnk files:  (re-running the Forms Printer installer, or choosing Repair of Forms Printer from add/remove programs control panel will reinstall the 2 .cnk files into the GP application folder, if the GP Application  folder was specified correctly when installed)  and then running GP and  "including new code".


If the new .cnk files (FP1000.cnk and cri1000.cnk)  are still in the GP folder, then exit Dynamics GP, and Delete the FPD1230*.DIC and ASI1655*.DIC  files, and then launch GP and attempt to include new code again.


If the new  .cnk files ((FP1000.cnk and cri1000.cnk) )  are not in the GP application folder, then after deleting those .dic files above,  re-run the Forms Printer installer (or repair)  In order to  have it place the 2 .cnk files into the GP application folder, verify that they are there, and that there are  no FPD1230*.DIC files or ASI1655*.DIC files,  (delete them),   and then then launch GP and "include new code", to have the .cnk files re-expand into new correct GP10 version,  FPD1230.DIC and ASI1655.DIC files



If the steps above do not rectify the issue, it may be that the Dynamics.set file is corrupt, or pointing to alternate paths for the Forms Printer dictionarys.





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