Unable to Verify SQL Login Information.. Status STATUS_LOGIN_FAILED , after installing GP10 SP2

30 June 2008

Issue Description

After installing GP10 SP2 (Feature Pack2), the Forms Printer Custom Report Authentication Setup Window, will display the following error when trying to save the fixed SQL username and password.  Even when you know the username and password are valid SQL users created with SQL Enterprise manager or SQL Management studio and granted permissions via DYNGRP or explicitly.

The Error can be safely ignored if the user and password are indeed correct, as they will be saved, and used correctly for the Crystal Report at runtime.


ERROR DIALOG:  Title: Microsoft Dynamics GP

Unable to Verify SQL Login Information, Check the SQL username and password. Status(STATUS_LOGIN_FAILED: The login information was invalid.)





Even though it is not critical, since it does save and work,  there is a way to avoid the Error message when saving the credentials, by setting a Dex.ini Setting in the GP10 \Data\Dex.ini file:




This is needed to allow the Dexterity Runtime to actually use the password as Typed to verify the connection:  (due to a change in the Dexterity Runtime Described By Microsoft below )


Dexterity Runtime - Bug #42423 - Make SQL login incorrect password fallback configurable
Resolved.  In previous versions, SQL Logins were tried with new the 9.0 encryption, pre 9.0 encryption, plain text login, and then the new encryption model.  This would give the user 4 login attempts if they accidently typed in the wrong password.  With this release, only the current encryption will be tried.  If the user needs to use the "old" methods - for example just logging in after an update from 8.0 or if the password was changed via SSMS to plain text, adding the dex.ini switch
SQLLoginCompatibilityMode=TRUE will revert to the previous behavior.



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