SSRS Reports, Displaying GP TEXT with CRLF

3 October 2012


SQL TEXT columns in GP tables usually have only CR characters for the line break characters : CHAR(13), but the Text formatting operations of a SSRS Text box expect CRLF for a line break (CHAR(13)+CHR(10)
One should be able  to replace all CR's with CRLFs in TEXT fields up to 8000 characters by using an expression such as the folllowing  (handling over 8000 characters requires unicode strings which has not been investigated)
Define the alias such as :  [Comment Text from SOP10106]  as Column  expression of:
   REPLACE(CONVERT (varchar(8000), ISNULL(SOP10106.CMMTTEXT, '')), CHAR(13), CHAR(13) + CHAR(10))


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