The report could not be printed because of a registration error.

24 June 2013
"The report could not be printed because of a registration error."
This message would typically occur if there are "orphaned" users in the Dynamics.dbo.ASO00998 table.
 just delete the "old" records in that table, by the LOGINDAT column values.  See below text  for more information.


Tech Note Regarding:  Sudden appearance of "Your Accountable product is not registered" message after it has been working fine. (enable word wrap in notepad)
When The Registration keys appear to 'stop working' suddenly,  This could be a symptom of 'orphaned users' in your Accountable Software Activity table :
If this is the case, you would usually get the "Your Accountable product is not registered" message in Great Plains when you log in later in the day (towards the upper end of license limit)
Unfortunately, the current message does not distinguish between the case of the "AnyView Software is not registered" and the case which I believe you may be seeing, which is "the ASI User Activity table shows there are already too many users logged in". 
Here are the steps to investigate and rectify the issue using Great Plains and SQL Enterprise Manager:
The simplest method is to just remove any 'old' records found in the ASI00998 table in the DYNAMICS SQL database, the 'Old records' would be ones with old date and time values in the LOGINDAT and LOGINTIM columns in the table.
== details of one way to remove these records, and the causes for their presence,  follow.
The first thing to check is the Accountable User Activity window in Great Plains. The ASI User Activity window can be added to the shortcut bar in Great Plains - it is located in the Company Series of the Forms Printer product folder in the Shortcut bar's window list. If the ASI User Activity window shows that there are more Accountable Product  users in the system than there should be for a particular product, then you will need to remove the orphaned records from the ASI User Activity table. The ASI User Activity table is ASI00998 in the DYNAMICS database in your SQL Server.  It may be easiest to do this at the end of the day when there are few users in the system.
You should be able to compare the users listed in this table, with the users logged in to Dynamics (Setup->System->User Activity.)
A way to remove the orphaned records in the ASI User Activity table, that a SQL server Administrator could do:
1. Open up SQL Enterprise Manager and navigate to the DYNAMICS database tables.
2. Find the table "ASI00998", click on it to highlight it.
3. From the menu at the top of the window, select 'Action', then select 'Open table', then select 'Return All Rows'.
4. Select each row that contains a user id that was not in the Great Plains User Activity table and hit the 'Delete' key on your keyboard.  You will be prompted to verify you really want to delete that row.
There are two ways in which users who crashed out of Great Plains could be removed from the (great Plains)  User Activity table (ACTIVITY)  and not be removed out of the ASI User Activity table (ASI00998)  (i.e leaving orphan records in the ASI table).  Either they were removed directly (manually) from the SQL "ACTIVITY" table, but not from the "ASI00998" table, or they were removed from the User Activity window in Great Plains  on a machine that does not have Accountable's enhancements installed.
In the future, if anyone crashes out of Great Plains, you should remove them from a User Activity window on a machine that has The Accountable Product (ex: AnyView Creator or Forms Printer)   installed or else remove them from both the DYNAMICS DB "ACTIVITY" table and the "ASI00998" table in SQL Enterprise Manager or Query Analyzer.
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