What's New in Forms Printer Version 10.50

29 July 2010

Many new and important features have been added to Forms Printer in version 10.50 including:

Support For Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services

Forms Printers integration to key Dynamics GP reports can now use SQL Server Reporting Services reports in the same manner as it has always enabled the use of Crystal Reports. Features include all of the functionality you have come to rely on including Emailing, PDF export and more.

Improved Setup

An all new setup window makes implementing Forms Printer even easier and intuitive. Features such as combined Report, Company and Master record setup, as needed report inclusion, and an easier to navigate report list improve the Forms Printer experience.

Integration to Additional Forms

Forms Printer has always had tight integration to a large number of Dynamics Forms, but with version 10.50 that list has increased even more. Now supported are: PM Remittance, Invoicing module Invoices & Packing Slips, and Manufacturing QA NSR and SCAR reports. Still available are Sales Order Processing Quotes, Orders, Invoices, Returns, Backorders and Fulfillment Orders, Receivables Management Statements, Purchase Orders, and Payroll and Payables checks as well as Project Accounting Invoices.

Inclusion of Additional Formats

Included with each integrated form there are now more of the available Dynamics GP formats supported. These include: All RM Statement form types, all Purchase Order Formats, historical Purchase Orders, and check formats.

Customer and Vendor Specific Reports

Previous versions of Forms Printer have allowed Customer and Vendor specific delivery options. In version 10.50 you can now specify the report Forms Printer will use for each Customer and Vendor.

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