Installing INQUIRY  for Dynamics SL

Prior to Installation

  • Download the version of INQUIRY compatible with your Dynamics SL version.
  • Obtain an Activation key from Accountable Software.
  • Have access to a SQL Server administrative login.

Installation Steps:

The installation of INQUIRY  for Dynamics SL involves five steps.

1. Run the Installation Wizard
Obtain a copy of the INQUIRY  Installation zip package and use the Setup or msi application to begin the install.

  • Double click on the Setup.exe or InquiryforDynamicsSL.msi file to begin the installation.
  • Walk through the installation wizard following the on screen instructions for each step. You will be asked to:
    • Accept the Accountable Software License Agreement.
    • Select the Database Install Options:
      • Install the Database Installer Utility - This selection installs the application needed to create the INQUIRY database. In most scenarios this option would be selected unless you have a Dynamics SL environment where each client machine has a local installtion of Dynamics SL. In this case you would first install on the database server and include this option, then you would install INQUIRY on the client workstations and would not want to include the Database Installer.
      • Run the Database Installer at the end of setup - If choosing to install the Database Installer, this option launches that application as part of the setup. While it can be run later as a separate process, it is recommended to select this option.
    • Select the application installation path.
    • Confirm the installation and complete the install.

2. Complete the Database Installation:
If you chose to install and run the Database install, it will launch automatically. The Database Install will guide you through the steps to create the INQUIRY Database and starting data.

The Database Installation Wizard is used to create the INQUIRY  database on your SQL Server, or *upgrade your existing INQUIRY Database as new versions of INQUIRY  are released. This wizard prompts for information needed to access the SQL Server, and create the INQUIRY Database, tables stored procedures and starting data.

In order to complete the Database Installation wizard, you will need a valid SQL Server Login and password for a user with administrative permissions to the SQL Server.

Note: Most typically, the database installation will be performed during the installation of the entire product. That installation will occur on the server on which the Dynamics SL executables have been installed. You can execute the Setup.exe setup file from any machine with access to the SQL server or from the SQL Server itself.

Screen Controls
Status Bar: The Status bar is displayed in the lower left portion of the wizard. It indicates what needs to be entered or changed on each tab, and will display errors if they occur during each step.
Cancel Button: Use this button to close the wizard window without creating the INQUIRY Database.
Back Button: Use this button to navigate to the previous tab in the wizard.
Next Button: Use this button to navigate to the next tab in the wizard.
Finish Button: After completing the steps to create your INQUIRY Database, use the Finish button to close the wizard.

Product Activation Tab
Use the Product Activation tab to enter and validate yourINQUIRY  Activation Key.

Activation Key: Use this field to enter the Activation Key provided by Accountable Software.
Activate Button: This button validates the enter Activation Key and enables the remainder of the Setup wizard.

You must have a valid Activation Key in order to run the Database Setup. For a trial Activation Key, please contact our Sales Department.:

Connection Information Tab
Use the Connection Information tab to enter SQL Server information that will be used to connect to your SQL Server, and install the INQUIRY  Database.

User Name: Use this field to enter a valid SQL Server Login. This Login must have administrative permissions on your SQL Server.

Note: Leave User Name and Password fields blank to use Widows Authentication when connecting to the Database. If using Windows Authentication, your current Windows User MUST have permissions to create a new database and create database objects.
Password: Use this field to enter the password for the Login entered above.
SQL Server Use this dropdown to select the SQL Server on which to create the INQUIRY  Database.
Inquiry for Dynamics SL Database: Use this combobox to enter the name that will be used when creating your INQUIRY  Database. The default name is InquiryforDynamicsSL, however, any valid SQL Server Database name can be used.

Note: If you are upgrading an existing INQUIRY Database, be sure to select that database name here.

Dynamics SL System Database: Use this dropdown to select the database which servers as the Dynamics SL System database.
Validate Connection: Use this button to ensure the entered information is valid before continuing in the wizard. Watch the Status Bar for errors or warnings during validation.

Database Installation Tab
Use the Database Installation Tab to verify your selections and create the INQUIRY  Database.

Installation Detail: This read only list box displays a synopsis of the selections you have made in the setup wizard.
Install Starting Content: Mark this checkbox to launch the Solution Packager during the installation. From the Solution Packager you can import some or all of the predefinded Inquiries that are included with INQUIRY . If you choose not to include the starting content now, the Solution Packager can always be run later through the Import Action of the Inquiry Builder.
Install Database: Click this button once you have reviewed and approved your selections. The Install button will create the INQUIRY  Database, add tables add stored procedures and insert starting data records.

If the Install Database button is disabled, one or more entered values are invalid. Check the status bar in the lower left corner for instructions on correcting your entries. After clicking the button, each step completed will be displayed, and the Install Database button will then be disabled.

Licensing Tab
Use the Licensing Tab to enter information about your INQUIRY  SQL Server, and retrieve a valid License file to complete the Database Installation.

Activation Key: This read only field displays the Activation Key entered on the Activation Tab.
Machine Name: This field displays the name of the SQL Server machine that will be used for licensing. By default, the machine on which the wizard is running will be used. If you are not running the Setup Wizard from the SQL Server, enter the SQL Server machine name.
Instance Name: This field displays the name of the SQL Server instance selected on the Connection Information Tab.
Get License: This button retrieves a valid license file for the entered Activation Key and Machine Information by accessing the Accountable Software Product Activation Web Service.

If you do not have Internet access from the current machine, or the web service fails to return a license file, you can retrieve the License file manually from Accountable Software's Product Activation web page at From this page, you will need to manually enter your Activation Key, Machine Name and SQL Server Instance. Upon successful submittal of the Activation information, you will be prompted to download your License File. Save that file to an accessible folder. You will be prompted for it when INQUIRY is launched.

3. Finalize INQUIRY Database Security
After completing the INQUIRY Database Installation process you will have in your INQUIRY Database, a Role named ANYVIEW_USERS and a User named INQUIRY_MASTER who is a member of the INQUIRY_USERS Role. The INQUIRY_USERS Role is created with the permissions required for Users of the new INQUIRY  database.

4. Launch Dynamics SL using "Run As Administrator"
The first time Dynamics SL is launched, after the installation of INQUIRY , the Configuration Information must be entered and saved, requiring Administrator permissions during the process.  First, Launch Dynamics SL using "right click->Run As Administrator"  (if on Vista or higher operating system).   Then,  In order to add the Database connection  Configuration Information, use the "All Modules" Menu in Dynamics SL Navigation Pane, and Select "Inquiry for Dynamics SL -> Inquiry". This will the open the Configuration screen where database connection information must be entered and saved.   The information is saved to the "InquiryForDynamicsSL.config" file in the Dynamics SL Applications folder.

5. Finalize INQUIRY Security to Content and Screen Access
The last step of the installation is to ensure proper access to both screens and Inquiries. Once the content is imported or created, all security is controlled in the Screen Maintenance within Dynamics SL. Each screen and Inquiry is listed as a screen in the Screen Maintenance screen.

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