Automating the bi-monthly ZipAssist Update Process

29 January 2004

Issue Description

The recommended method for installing ZipAssist Bi-Monthly updates involves running the ZipAssist Client install ( ZipAssist (X.XX).exe) on each workstation in order to update the components in the Great Plains Application Folder.   For large numbers of client workstations this can get tedious.

For most Bi-Monthly updates, If the users of the workstations have sufficient privileges, The process can be simplified so that the ZipAssist DLL Components that need to be updated can be auto-updated on each workstation from a common Data Folder on the network.

The  Dictionary or help components cannot be auto-updated in this manner - But they typically do not change in the Bi-monthly releases.


The Attached PDF Document (Large_Networks.pdf) describes an alternate update process that is unsupported by Accountable Software:

Technical Support, but which may be useful to managers of large numbers of client workstations. Please direct questions/comments to


Attachment:  Large_Networks.pdf  (Right Click and choose 'Save Target As...' to download.)

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