'Primary number invalid (411)' message generated when verifying an address with ZipAssist

11 January 2005

Issue Description

When entering and verifying an address with ZipAssist the following error is generated:


'Primary number invalid (411)'


This message occurs when the street number in this address does not exist in the ZipAssist US Postal Service data files.  There are two possible causes for this:


1)      The street number is incorrect.




2)      The street number is correct but it is too new and has not yet been included in the ZipAssist US Postal Service data files.


The Street Number is Incorrect


Verify that the primary street number was entered correctly.  You may also use ZipBrowser to query the US Postal Service database for the correct address.


ZipBrowser can be accessed from the Extras menu, or from the ZipBrowse button on alternate windows. It can also be auto-opened if the AutoBrowse Setup window option is checked.

The Street Number is Too New


Updated ZipAssist US Postal Service database files are received every two months.  The next ZipAssist data files update will contain this address, provided it has been recognized by the US Postal Service.

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