old version of gdiplus.dll installed may cause Visual Basic Initialization Failure (VBA)

1 June 2006

Issue Description

The Feb 1 and March 1 Versions of the ZipAssist update CD's contained installers that installed a GDIPLUS.dll into the Great Plains Application Folder.  This version of gdiplus.dll is obsolete and should not have been installed into that folder (it should be moved to the MRTK subfolder)

Since the DLL may be loaded by other executables in the Dynamics Application folder, it may create incompatibilitys such as the one with Dynamics.exe 9.0 which causes VBA to be unable to initialize.

The Message is:

Microsoft Dynamics GP:

Visual Basic Initialization Failure,

The VBA Environment has not been installed, or is configured incorrectly.  Please re-run the Application Install.



To alleviate any issues caused by the gdiplus.dll in the Great Plains Application folder, either move it to the MRTK subfolder, or delete it (on Most up to date operating systems XP and above, it will not be needed at all for ZipAssist to function)For further information : contact techsupport@accountable.com
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