ZipAssist Clients for the OCT 1, 2013 update, have problems installing

3 October 2013

Issue Description

The previously released Components are  not compatible with older Intel and AMD processors.  Known incompatibilities include:
•         AMD CPUs prior to Athlon 64
•         all Socket A-based CPUs
•         Intel CPUs prior to Pentium 4

When attempting to install the previous client installers on these older processor machines, you will get errors such as:

SetkeyInfo US failed -1

or when running the auto update,  update.exe, you will get an error such as:

[Satori Architect/Office Update (US)
Setup failed to run installation:
The remote procedure call failed.



In order to correct these problems, use the updated client installers and update.exe in this zipfile for older machines, (can be used on newer machines also).

Zipfile is Here


It is recommended that you copy the update.exe included in this .zip to the location of your ZipAssist Addressing datafile (address.cas) and overwrite the existing update.exe)

Let us know if you have questions,


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