Hotfix available for trigger registration issue when AnyView is used with GP2013 SP1

14 September 2013

There is a hotfix available for Build 105 of AnyView Creator/Browser for use with GP2013 SP2.

This hotfix fixes a registration error which occurs after GP2013 SP2 is applied to your GP installation,

[Dexterity Runtime]
 An unexpected error was encountered trying to registre the
 trigger: ASI_Create_Search_Text_From_Table of form
 ASI_Advanced_Search. Error 2. This trigger will be disabled.

Apply the patch by placing the enclosed av1200.cnk file in the GP folder on each workstation , and then launch Dynamics GP with "run as administrator" and answer
YES to the "include new code?" prompt.

alternatively, you can copy the enclosed AV2377.dic file to the GP2013 folder of  all workstations.

Link to Hotfix download:

Let us know if you have further questions:

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