Important Product Notice Concerning AnyView Explorer

18 May 2011


Accountable Software will not offer AnyView Explorer for the newly released Dynamics SL 2011.  Customers migrating to Dynamics SL 2011 can upgrade to our INQUIRY for Dynamics SL product - a next generation AnyView Explorer with advanced functionality.  This upgrade to INQUIRY is applicable only to AnyView Explorer customers current on their annual maintenance plan.
Customers staying on earlier versions of Dynamics SL may continue to use AnyView Explorer and we will continue to support AnyView Explorer through the end of the Microsoft Dynamics SL 7 life cycle.
For those converting to INQUIRY for Dynamics SL, there is a migration tool which will convert all of your AnyView Explorer Objects into Inquiries in the new INQUIRY for Dynamics SL product.
For additional information about INQUIRY for Dynamics SL, please visit our INQUIRY for Dynamics SL product page. You can also view the AnyView Explorer / INQUIRY for Dynamics SL comparison.
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