The AnyView product line consists of several applications across Dynamics GP and Dynamics SL. We continue to offer support for all of our AnyView products. However, several AnyView applications have been enhanced with new functionality, while others have been rebranded to better reflect product focus and utility. We address each of these products below.

AnyView IDS

AnyView IDS is a powerful yet modestly priced business intelligence and reporting application, which is regularly and precipitously underutilized by user customers. During customer audits relative to product use, we find that customers frequently do not use AnyView IDS consistent with its robust features and functionality. Customer perception is often at issue. As a result, we are rebranding AnyView IDS to focus and promote understanding for this product’s impressive, encompassing nature and application. Hereafter, AnyView IDS will be known as BI Reporting Platform.

Moving forward, look for and click on BI Reporting Platform BI Reporting Platform for all informational needs and inquiries pertaining to AnyView IDS.

AnyView Creator and Browser for Dynamics GP

AnyView Creator

AnyView Creator enhances and capitalizes on the capabilities of Smartlists. It allows users to create their own custom lists, provide data not available to Smartlists and secure web access to their Smartlists. Users can even view data from outside Dynamics GP, whether in the office or on the road.

AnyView Browser

AnyView Browser provides web access to Dynamics GP data. While we still maintain our Browser application, a new and significantly advanced product offering web access to data is our BI Reporting Platform. BI Reporting represents a more powerful version of AnyView Brower’s revolutionary functionality and features a fresh new interface with integration to Business Portal, Sharepoint, Excel and SQL Reporting Services.

We continue to maintain and support AnyView Creator and Browser for future versions of Dynamics GP.

AnyView Explorer For Dynamics SL

AnyView Explorer is an ad-hoc inquiry and reporting application that provides instant access to live SL data from within the Dynamics SL interface. The user can use almost any data source, define queries as needed and securely provide access to real-time data delivered by these queries. Recently, AnyView Explorer was completely redesigned to include a powerful new feature set. The upgrades are so innovative and expansive, AnyView Explorer became a new product called INQUIRY for Dynamics SL.

We continue to maintain and support AnyView Explorer though Dynamics SL version 7 only. Any user customer seeking to upgrade Explorer beyond Dynamics SL 7 will be transitioned automatically into our INQUIRY For Dynamics SL application for upgrade purposes.

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