BI Reporting

Live data access to your accounting system from the web or Excel.

BI Reporting Platform is a reporting and ad-hoc inquiry application used to design queries and reports based on a secure and user friendly definition of data from across your organization and deliver that information to today’s most used office productivity applications in the form of lists, reports, charts, graphs, ad-hoc queries, and form layouts.

All Encompassing

The BI Reporting Platform delivery options allow you to access your reports over the web through the BI Reporting Platform Web Application, in Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Business Portal through BI Reporting Platform Web Parts, in Microsoft Office Excel through the BI Reporting Platform Excel Add-In, and in SQL Server Reporting Services through the BI Reporting Platform Data Extension.


The BI Reporting Platform security model includes role based, Windows Authenticated, and Forms Authenticated user access security that enables you to control data access down to individual rows, providing the most robust security model of any reporting product in the Dynamics space.

User Friendly

User friendly application interface means a short learning curve. Intuitive navigation means you can find what you are looking for faster. A graphical report builder lets you see your report layout as you design.

Simple Installation

A click through install that takes minutes not days to make information accessible. With suites of over 100 importable reports you’re up and running immediately.

Comprehensive Tools

Support for SQL Stored Procedures. Reports based on custom SQL Queries. Aggregate Queries for quick summary reports. Custom developed presentation of data.


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