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Forms Printer Plus Setup

Where our Forms Printer Base System offers integration to transactional printing and delivery, Forms Printer Plus let’s you integrate everywhere else. Whether you need to replace a Report Writer report or add new reports to your process, Forms Printer Plus enables you to attach a custom Crystal or SSRS report to windows and menus in Dynamics GP.

Forms Printer Setup Wizard

Integrate reports with an easy-to-follow wizard. The Forms Printer Plus Setup Wizard guides you through the process of attaching a new report with step-by-step instructions to ensure you create the solution you need.

Company Selection

Forms Printer Plus includes per company control of your report setup for specified companies. When adding a new or custom report to your process, Forms Printer Plus includes the ability to decide in which Dynamics GP companies the report will be run.

Window Selection

When selecting the window you want Forms Printer Plus makes use of both a Window Lookup and the Help Me Choose option. If you aren’t sure about the details, just click the Help Me Choose button in Forms Printer Plus and then click on the window. Forms Printer Plus will figure the rest out for you.

Print Initiation

Control how the report is launched by adding it to the Window’s Additional menu or attaching it to a button. The Help Me Choose button once again offers a point and click option for selecting the right buttton on the window.

Report Selection

Selecting which report you want to launch, means picking from any Crystal or SSRS report you can imagine. With the power of those report designers, you can create reports that access a variety of options that include data from customizations, third party add-ons, legacy systems and more.

Parameter Setup

To control which information your report contains, you’ll want to send selections made on the Dynamics GP window to the report. By mapping parameters to window values, selections made in Dynamics GP can control which records are displayed, and other options. With the Help Me Choose functionality, mapping parameters is easy to do.

Delivery Options

Forms Printer Plus enables delivery of your reports to file, printer and Email. With options which include a ‘mail merge’ style field selection, Export and Email attachments to PDF, and a wide range of printer controls, Forms Printer Plus offers flexible options for putting your reports into the hands of the people that need them.

Review and Finish

With the setup selections made, a last look provides an opportunity to review and correct before the setup is named and saved.

Print with Forms Printer Plus

With Forms Printer Plus you can generate comprehensive reports from windows throughout your Dynamics GP solution, with users selecting from windows and options they use every day.

Reports Where They Are Needed

Forms Printer Plus not only gives you the ability to integrate reports you have created using two of the most pervasive reporting tools in ERP reporting, it also provides you with a unique capacity to deliver those reports to the users that need them.
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