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Forms Printer Setup

Organized and simple report integration. Reports are organized by product and series for easy setup. Each report can be configured to use Crystal Reports, SSRS, or Report Writer.

Customer Specific Report Setup

Each company, customer class, customer, vendor class, or vendor can be configured with unique settings.

Include Only Needed Reports

Maintenance of reports is easy, with only the reports you need added to the Setup list. Add reports to Forms Printer using the New Report window.

Company Specific Setup

Setup each Company individually, or use the same setup for multiple companies.

Custom Email Body Configuration

When emailing reports, build the Email Body using static text and associated report data in the Message Editor window.

Custom Email Subject and Attachment Name

When emailing reports, build the Subject and Attachment Name using static text and associated report data in the Subject and Attachment Name window.

Additional Email Address Setup

Add additional addresses to the To, CC, and BCC lists of emailed reports.

Print Example

Forms Printer lets users print from the windows they already know and use. Transaction Entry, Inquiry, Range, Batch, and List windows are all integrated with Forms Printer.

Print Options

Each Report Format can be included in the Forms Printer Setup.

Report Destination – To Screen

The Report Destination window shows the option to Print or Deliver. The Delivery System selection allows Forms Printer to control the report destination based on predefined setup.

Crystal Report Screen Preview

The Crystal Reports Preview window offers options not available in Report Writer, including printer selection, number of copies, and orientation.

SSRS Screen Preview

The SQL Server Reporting Services Preview includes Print and Export Options.

Report Destination - Printer or Delivery System

Users follow normal process while advanced report creation and delivery is automatic.

Forms Printer Print or Deliver Option

Users choose whether the Delivery System should be overridden.

Deliver By Email

Emails containing reports created by Forms Printer can be configured to be displayed, sent immediately, saved to Drafts, or delay sent.
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